The Restaurant.

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Good food is an important part of every quality vacation. Even better if it not only tastes good, but is also healthy and from A to Z homemade. A good supper in our decent environment is a break away in itself.

That’s why we have decided to let the restaurant become its own world. It is open to the lodge guests as well as to the public. 

In our American Plan we serve breakfast. a lunch to go and a  3-course-supper every evening. Dinner is open for everyone: lodge guests without American Plan and outsiders. 

Reservations required until 3pm same day. 

Call toll free at 706 993 3964 or landline 705 867 5286 or e-mail us at:




Birthday? Anniversary? Wedding? Just call us and we will discuss with you how this occasion will be unforgettable. We suggest items for the menu and a very special programme including accommodation for up to 65 people. Contact us.



The Lounge.

Get yourself a drink. A beer. A glass of wine. A Bourbon, Single Malt, Cognac - what ever you prefer. Sit down in our comfortable leather sofas and watch your favourite sport or just have a chat with your buddies or some other guests. And tell them your true angler story of "the big one, that just got away...".
The French call it savoir-vivre. We just say: enjoy yourself. Here you can.




Come in by car or by boat - there is docking space.   

Please contact us for more information.